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Rocket Realtor is an all-in-one application that covers a database of all properties and buyers, marketing brochures and management reports, customer relationship management, sales module as well as a professional presentation module.

Using the latest technology and development tools, Rocket Realtor is an evolving system based on a methodology that strives towards an ideal envisaged by a experienced real estate team. Let Rocket Realtor give your agency the edge. 

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With minimum input and maximum output one can now extrapolate information in a variety of reports and functions from the use of only four (4) forms: The buyer listing form, the property listing form, the property activity form and the presentation form. The system will benefit the agent by increasing time out in the field through a decrease in time taken by administration. The system will also benefit the agency with an overall view of performance of its’ own agency, and by comparison to it’s competitors. This is an evolving system based on a methodology that strives towards an ideal, and has been authored by an experienced Real Estate team.

Features Include:

  • Easy buyer and property searches / matching
  • Generate listings and marketing reports without duplication
  • Log client activity; meetings, to-do's, phone calls, etc
  • Send email and attachments directly from inside the application
  • Set up standard documents to email or export to Microsoft® Word, Adobe® Acrobat or even RTF
  • Keep track of birthdays, standard personalised letters/messages
  • Sales history and agent commissions
  • SMS buyers/sellers/agents/users
  • Track daily activities of buyers and sellers as and when they occur
  • Wide range of reports that keep you informed, including extensive sales and commission reports
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