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Pastel Payroll Solutions

Softline Pastel Payroll is a leading developer of Payroll and HR software, offering a comprehensive payroll solution for all types and size of businesses. Pastel Payroll is committed to providing robust, innovative and easy-to-use payroll software applications.

Designed for a broad range of industries, the Softline Pastel Payroll range Pastel netPay, Pastel MicrOpay, Pastel Partner Payroll and Pastel Evolution Payroll provides growing businesses, right from start-up to medium and large size enterprises, with flexible and feature-rich payroll and HR software.

Pastel MicrOpay is super fast and super simple. This Payroll solution is suitable for start-up business in an uncomplicated Payroll environment with Pastel MicrOpay you’ll have peace in that your Payroll is legally compliant. Pastel MicrOpay ships with all the basic transactions to get your business up and running in minutes. In addition, Pastel MicrOpay integrates seamlessly with Pastel Xpress and Partner Accounting making the transition a breeze. Meeting your South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) obligations every month takes considerable time and know-how, so you’ll appreciate Pastel MicrOpay’s easy and efficient processing ability. 

As your business grows, your Payroll software can grow with you. Upgrade from Pastel MicrOpay to Pastel Partner Payroll and receive all the additional functionality that your growing business needs; including customisation that ensures that all your Payroll requirements are met.

Pastel Partner Payroll provides you with an easy-to-use accurate and secure Payroll solution with all the features you need. It is the ideal solution for any size and type of business and ensures that your business is kept up-to-date and complies with the latest legislative requirements. 

Pastel Partner Payroll is available as a stand-alone, single-user product for the smaller company, or is scalable up to 10-users for a larger company and can accommodate an unlimited number of employees. It caters for the full spectrum of requirements, from pre-defined, standard sets of transactions for less complicated Payrolls to more powerful and customizable features and functions for payroll with more sophisticated requirements.

Pastel Evolution Payroll and HR Software enhanced functionally and powerful MS SQL database will ensure that processing your payroll takes on a new dimension. It is a powerful and legally compliant payroll package with embedded CRM, Report Writer and Business Intelligence capabilities, making it a must for the serious payroll administrator.

Patel Evolution Payroll and HR software offers a full integration into the Pastel Evolution Accounting suite ensuring that data can be entered to a job directly from the payroll module. This package is developed within the Evolution framework and all components and modules within the Evolution range are fully integrated.

Pastel Evolution and HR software package is suitable for medium and lager business with multiple users, which is ideal for an advanced Payroll and Human Resources operating environment. 

Pastel My Paycheck Online brings you an innovative online payroll solution through which you can enjoy processing your employee’s salaries without any hassle. Pastel My Paycheck Online is an easy-to-use online payroll solution that is ideal for start-up business in an uncomplicated payroll environment, with this web-based application, your business can comply with the latest tax and UIF legislation while giving you the flexibility to process our payroll anytime, anywhere.

With Pastel My Paycheck Online, you can log onto your company’s payroll via the internet to create or edit employee details, capture working hours and payslip information and print your employees’ payslips without having to install any software on a designated PC. You no longer have to be apprehensive about sourcing legal employment contracts and complying with the basic PAYE and UIF legislation - Pastel My Paycheck Online does it all for you, offering you online employee contracts and online UIF declarations to name a few.


•    Generate and print a pre-defined employment contract based on the minimum requirement as define by the Department of Labour. 
•    Automatically calculate the UIF contributions for you.
•    Caters for your basic statutory requirements e.g. EMP201 and UIF Returns.
•    Setup your employee’s normal working hours and standard rates once and produce payslip whenever you require.
•    Pastel My Paycheck Online caters for all your basic reporting requirements e.g. Leave History report, Transaction report, etc.
•    You can access your payroll data anytime from anywhere in the world.
•    Setup your secure, password protected company in a flash with the Setup Assistance wizard. 

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