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Pastel Accounting Solutions

Pastel has been a trusted name in accounting software since 1989. Pastel products are used in over 50 countries across the globe and are relied around the world.

Pastel has a range of accounting, payroll and value-added business software products which are suitable for small, medium and larger sized business. There are over 160 000 companies that use Pastel Accounting Software and 9 out of 10 accountants recommended Pastel. 
Join the mainstream, make the right choice for your business and go beyond accounting.

Pastel has the right-sized solution for your business, the software provides flexible and feature-rich accounting and business management solutions. From small single user start-up operations to lager entities with multiple companies and several hundred concurrent users, in addition the software range includes a number of add-on modules addressing the specific requirements of the business.

Pastel My Invoicing is suitable for small business it’s simple and easy to use allowing you to manage your customers and keep track of sales – it’s the easiest way for you to begin computerising your accounts. With the Pastel range of products behind you, you can upgrade to more features and functionality as and when you feel ready.

Pastel My Business is a simple and easy to use business software solution suitable for start-up and small business. Pastel My Business is the perfect way for you to start computerizing your business by managing your customers and suppliers, keeping track of sales and purchases and monitoring your cashflow by capturing money received and money paid out. With Pastel’s wide range of products and add-on modules you can upgrade to more features and functionality as and when your business requires it.

Pastel Xpress provides you with affordable accounting solutions for the smaller business, or a larger business with basic accounting needs. Pastel Xpress’ automation of common business processes makes the product easy to learn and easy to use.

Features in Pastel Xpress

•    Pastel’s Setup Assistant allows you to create a company in minutes.
•    Pastel can track your inventory in as much detail as necessary.
•    Pastel Xpress has a highly intuitive and graphic System Navigator which allows you to quickly perform common tasks using simple icons representative of everyday tasks.
•    Pastel Xpress drill down functionality allows you to click on an item from any report and see further details.
•    Pastel allows you to enter invoices in a logical and intuitive manner to save time, ensure accuracy and control back orders by linking quotations and sales orders.

Pastel Partner provides the ideal combination of power, innovation, flexibility, rapid processing and ease-of-use perfect for small to medium size business. Suited to a multi-user environment and allows you to add modules to your core accounting application as your business grows.

Features in Pastel Partner 

•    Pastel Partner complies with the SARS requirements for issuing electronic tax invoices, including the enquired 128 bit PDF encryption.
•     Pastel’s drill down functionality allows you to click on an item from any report and see further details
•    Pastel Partner lets you find your way around the system using the System Navigator or Pastel Explorer.
•    PDF Printing, E-mailing and Faxing  - Pastel provides a standard feature that allows e-mailing of documents such as statements, invoices, orders and quotations in PDF and HTML format. Each document layout has a corresponding PDF layout and you can fax straight from your Pastel Accounting package.
•    Pastel Partner is compatible with Windows 7 having passed Microsoft designed tests for compatibility.
•    Pastel’s flexible customers account setup allows you to configure parameters per customer, you can set individual trading and settlement terms, select the email and print options for the invoices and statements. 
•    Pastel Partner Automatic Cheque & Remittance Printing facility makes paying your suppliers a simple task.
•    Pastel Partner can track your inventory as much details as necessary and allows you to create products or service item, establish minimum and maximum stock levels and more.

 Add-On Modules
•    Point of Sale
•    Business Intelligence Centre (BIC)
•    Bank Manager
•    Multi-Store
•    Serial Number Tracking
•    Bill of Material, Kitting & Manufacturing
•    Cash Manager
•    Fixed Assets
•    Multi-Currency

Pastel Evolution delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting applications. Pastel Evolution brings all aspects of your operations together, providing you with an integrated, holistic view of your business.
The comprehensive range of features & functionality, complemented with a number of add-on modules, provides a scalable, flexible & rebust management tool for your growing business.  

Features in Pastel Evolution  

•    Advance Security – every business’s data is confidential, Pastel Evolution features multi-level-menu-driven password access control and you can establish access control per user.
•    Integrated with Microsoft Office – seamless integration with MS Office means that you can email any report by using many standard formats such as HTML and PDF and you export data into Word or Excel, where you can perform your own complex data manipulations.
•    Graphs – Pastel Evolution allows you to view graphs, compare General Ledger account movements over a period of five financial years, compare sales and purchases in the Order module and view Incident analysis in the Contact Management module.
•    Evolution Report Writer – module allows you to customize standard reports per user as well as stationery layouts per user and it integrates into every module in the Evolution range.
•    Receivable & Payables – Pastel Evolution gives you instant access to customer and supplier balances, overdue totals and sales/purchases history. The drill-down feature and reports are available when you need a more detailed analysis of customer/supplier transactions.
•    Project Tracking – allows you to allocate income or expense transactions to particular projects. You can then filter reports on a project basis and create an income statement per project.
•    General Ledger – is the heart of the financial function of your company, all processing you do eventually reflects in the General Ledger. This system is date-driven allowing you to post transactions to any period at any time.
•    Sales and Purchase Order Entry – you can maintain and control outstanding orders, processed orders and back orders, this module integrates fully into Evolution’s Inventory, Receivables and Payable module.
•    Inventory Control – Evolution’s powerful Inventory module gives you unlimited control over your stock. The system provides both summary management reports as well as detailed operational reports.

Add-On Modules  

•    Business Intelligence Centre
•    Resolve Basic (Contact Management)
•    Resolve Premium (Contact Management)
•    Procurement
•    Information Alerts
•    Bank Statement Manager
•    Mobile
•    Multi-Currency
•    Annuity Billing
•    Multi-Warehouse
•    Serial Number Tracking
•    Lot Tracking
•    Pricing Matrix
•    Bill of Material
•    Job Costing
•    Manufacturing
•    Point-of-Sale
•    Customer Credit Risk Management
•    Customer Account Consolidations
•    E-Business & E-Billing
•    Fixed Assets
•    Payroll

ACT! will not only revolutionise the way you manage your customers and sales, it will automate a variety of tasks you face every day. Traditionally termed ‘CRM’ or ‘Contact Management’, ACT! manages the interaction between your business and your customers, potential customers, suppliers, and even your fellow company members.

By using ACT! you will no longer have to duplicate data on your accounting and CRM software – ACT! does it all for you, giving you a birds-eye view of your customer information.
If developing long-lasting, profitable business relationships is essential to your success, then ACT! is the product for you. ACT! Version 12 includes a number of improvements into the package which are customizable opportunities, a fresh and user-friendly new navigaton interface, a useful Welcome screen with shortcuts, e-Marketing and much, much more.  

LegalWrite is like having a lawyer in a box. LegalWrite assist in simplifying legal matters by providing you with an extensive range of more than 100 standard legal documents.

LegalWrite has been prepared and developed in association with some of South Africa’s leading lawyers and Softline Pastel. It is a multifaceted program which can be used to create customized legal documents. In addition to the labour, tax and BEE guides you can access professional, legally binding documents which have the look and feel of a lawyer’s touch at a fraction of the cost.

LegalWrite includes the following standard legal documents and precedents covering the following key areas of law:
•    Commercial
•    General
•    Labour
•    Matrimonial
•    Monetary
•    Property
•    Testamentary

With Pastel Auditor, you can analyse trends, produce management accounts, as well as a full set of financial statements with notes. In a matter of minutes, it provides you with the “big picture” view of your client’s business, making your job of analysing the data more meaningful.

Key features of Pastel Auditor  

•    Pastel Auditor allows you to extract a full set of financial statements straight into Microsoft Excel, giving you the flexibility to customize your reporting pack into the format you require.
•    Easy to navigate system wizard and an easy drag and drop mapping tool allows effortless mapping of the General Ledger accounts to GAAP codes.
•    Pastel Auditor can be run in a multi user environment, allowing you to store all your data at the central location, allowing multiple accesses for your users.

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